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ERICA 소재부품융합 첨단제조장비 혁신인재 교육연구단

[공지] 2022학년 1학기 ERICA-ACE 정기세미나 (4회)
작성자 ERICA 소재부품융합 첨단제조장비 혁신인재 교육연구단
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2022학년 1 학기 4번째 정기세미나를 다음과 같이 개최하오니, 연구단 참여 학생 및 교수님들의 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다.

이번 강연에는 기계공학과 홍석준 교수님의 초청으로 경희대학교 박윤석 교수님을 모시고 세미나를 개최합니다.

-----------------------------------------정기 세미나 ----------------------------------------------------- 

1. Title : Three dimensional bioelectronic interfaces to small-scale biological systems

2. Speaker : 박윤석 교수님 (경희대학교 정보전자신소재공학과)

3. Date & Time : April. 27(Wen) 2022. 1:00 PM

4. Place : 컨퍼런스 홀 101

5. Abstract

 Complex, three dimensional (3D) assemblies of micro/nanomaterials form naturally in biological systems, where they 

provide sophisticated function in even the most basic forms of life.  In spite of their broad potential utility in man-made 

devices, design options for analogous abiotic 3D mesostructures are severely constrained by the comparatively primitive 

capabilities that are available with established techniques for materials growth, assembly and 3D printing.  

This talk summarizes progress on strategies that rely on geometric transformation of preformed 2D functional micro/

nanostructures into 3D architectures by controlled processes of actively induced compressive buckling.  The emphasis 

is on the foundational materials and mechanics principles, computational approaches that enable inverse designs, and 

examples of applications in areas ranging from thermoelectrics to microelectromechanical systems to biologically inspired 

open mesoscale microfluidic/electronic networks as functional interfaces to 3D cell cultures, including spheroids, 

organoids, assembloids and mini-brains.


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