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번호 연도 제목 저널 저자명
32 2020 A High Slew-Rate Enhancement Class-AB Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) for Switched-Capacitor (SC) Applications IEEE ACCESS 김재도,송석재,노정진
31 2020 Design and analysis of a double consequent pole changing vernier machine INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROMAGNETICS AND MECHANICS 이성현,권병일
30 2020 Energy straggling and an experimental investigation of Bragg's rule for 241Am alpha particles in air and its constituents RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY 미르자카심,백상현
29 2020 Quantum Modular Multiplcation IEEE ACCESS 조성민,서승현
28 2020 Ultrafast Auger process in few-layer PtSe2 NANOSCALE 배성광,심상완
27 2020 Strain effect on performance of multi-stacked gate-all-around CMOS inverters SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 김기환,이지환,오새룬터
26 2020 Semi-automatic Knob System for Assisting Flexible Endoscope Steering INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL AUTOMATION AND SYSTEMS 이병주
25 2021 100.5 dB SNDR Analog Front-End With a Resistor-Based Discrete-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator for Eliminating Switching Noise and Harmonics IEEE ACCESS 송석재,김재도,노정진
24 2021 DDR4 Data Channel Failure Due to DC Offset Caused by Intermittent Solder Ball Fracture in FBGA Package IEEE ACCESS 백상현
23 2021 Two-Factor Device DNA-based Fuzzy Vault for Industrial IoT Device Security IEEE ACCESS 서승현
22 2021 Light Absorption and Emission Dominated by Trions in the Type-I van der Waals Heterostructures ACS PHOTONICS 심상완
21 2021 Development of a New 2-DOF Wrist Mechanism Using Reverse Motion Transmission IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS 이병주
20 2021 Fault Coverage Re-Evaluation of Memory Test Algorithms With Physical Memory Characteristics IEEE ACCESS 김정환,백상현
19 2021 Public Participation Consortium Blockchain for Smart City Governance IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL 백우호,서승현
18 2021 Exciton-Dominated Ultrafast Optical Response in Atomically Thin PtSe2 SMALL 배성광,심상완
17 2021 Impact of organic inter-layer dielectric for improvement in mechanical flexibility of self-aligned coplanar in-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistor ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 윤정한,오새룬터
16 2021 Real-time fault detection system for large scale grid integrated solar photovoltaic power plants International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 이방욱
15 2021 Modeling, Design, and Implementation of an Underactuated Gripper with Capability of Grasping Thing Objects MACHINES 김상화,이병주
14 2021 A Novel Solid-State Transformer With Loosely Coupled Resonant Dual-Active-Bridge Converters IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS 김성민
13 2022 Divulge of Root Cause Failure in Individual Cells of 2x nm Technology DDR4 DRAM at Operating Temperature IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 노신샤자디,백상현
12 2022 Anomalous Oscillating Behavior of Ultrafast Spatiotemporal Hot Carrier Diffusion in Two-Dimensional PtSe2 ACS Photonics 서성복,송가성,심상완
11 2022 Comparison of AC and DC Partial Discharge by Monitoring of Vacuum Degree in a Distribution Class Vacuum Interrupter IEEE ACCESS 방승민,이현우,이방욱
10 2022 DNA-Helix Inspired Wire Routing in Cylindrical Structures and Its Application to Flexible Surgical Devices Soft Robotics 이병주
9 2022 Segmented IPT Coil Design for Continuous Multiple Charging of an Electrified Monorail System IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS 이은수
8 2022 A 0.9-μA Quiescent Current High PSRR Low Dropout Regulator Using a Capacitive Feed-Forward Ripple Cancellation Techique IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 티엔꾸오,강우빈,노정진
7 2022 DDR4 Ball Grid Array package intermittent fracture effect on signal integrity IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 김정환,백상현
6 2022 Completely Anisotropic Ultrafast Optical Switching and Direction-Dependent Photocarrier Diffusion in Layered ZrTe5 Advanced Optical Materials 서성복,송가성,석상호,심상완
5 2022 S-parameter Measurement-Based Asymmetric Surface Acoustic Wave Interdigital Transducer Characterization Journal of the Korean Physical Society 유한수,어영선
4 2022 Double magnetic tunnel junction device with orthogonal polarizer for high-performance magnetoresistive memory Scientific reports 신스타니스라브,오새룬터
3 2022 Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Robotic Light Machining Tasks for Empowering Digital Twin: Generalized Impulse Model Approach IEEE Access 이병주
2 2022 Single pulse width modulation for dual‑active‑bridge converters considering parasitic capacitance of MOSFETs Journal of power electronics 이승호,김성민
1 2022 A Uniformed DC Magnetic Generator using Ferromagnetic Slot Cage by Geomagnetism Distortion Cancellation, IEEE Access 이은수