BK21 교육연구단(팀)

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15건의 데이터가 있습니다.
번호 연도 제목 저널 저자명
15 2022 A temporal dependency feature in lower dimension for lung sound signal classification SCIENTIFIC REPORTS ***
14 2022 3-Multi ranked encryption with enhanced security in cloud computing Digital Communications and Networks ***
13 2022 Leveraging Smart Contracts for Secure and Asynchronous Group Key Exchange Without Trusted Third Party IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computi ***
12 2022 Privacy Preservation in Patient Information Exchange Systems Based on Blockchain: System Design Study JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH ***
11 2022 Blockchain-based One-time Authentication for Secure V2X Communication Against Insiders and Authority Compromise Attacks IEEE Internet of Things Journal ***
10 2021 A Comparison of Recent Requirements Gathering and Management Tools in Requirements Engineering for IoT-Enabled Sustainable Citie Sustainability ***
9 2021 Measuring power consumption in mobile devices for energy sustainable app development: A comparative study and challenges Sustainable Computing-Informatics & Systems ***
8 2021 Digestive neural networks: A novel defense strategy against inference attacks in federated learning Computers & Security ***
7 2021 Low-complexity Data Collection Scheme for UAV sink nodes in Cellular IoT Networks IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY ***
6 2021 BinDiffNN: Learning Distributed Representation of Assembly for Robust Binary Diffing against Semantic Differences IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering ***
5 2020 Iterative Sensor Clustering and Mobile Sink Trajectory Optimization for Wireless Sensor Network with Nonuniform Density WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING ***
4 2020 Trustworthiness in Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems Applied Sciences-Basel ***
3 2020 SELCOM: Selective Compression Scheme for Lightweight Nodes in Blockchain System IEEE Access ***
2 2020 Combining the Top-down Propagation and Bottom-up Enumeration for Inductive Program Synthesis Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages ***
1 2020 R-TOD: Real-Time Object Detector with Minimized End-to-End Delay for Autonomous Driving 41th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) ***