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[공지] 2023학년 1학기 ERICA-ACE 정기세미나 (3회)
작성자 ERICA 소재부품융합 첨단제조장비 혁신인재 교육연구단
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2023학년 1학기 세번째 정기세미나를 다음과 같이 개최하오니, 연구단 참여 대학원생 및 교수님들의 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다.

이번 강연에는 재료화학공학과 이화성 교수님의 초청으로 한국과학기술연구원 임정아 박사님을 모시고 세미나를 개최합니다.

--------------------------------------------------------- 정기 세미나 ---------------------------------------------------------- 

1. Title: A novel approach to organic semiconductor materials for next-generation semiconductor technology

2. Speaker: 임정아 박사(한국과학기술연구원, KIST)

3. Date & Time: Apr. 12 (Wen.) 2023. 13:00 PM

4. Place: 컨퍼런스홀 104호

5. 발표 내용

Organic semiconductors have received special attention as promising materials for next-generation semiconductor 

electronics due to their advantages such as excellent opto-electric characteristics, easy tunability, solution-processability 

and low cost of production based on mechanical flexibility.

In this presentation, a new approach to organic semiconductor materials for chiral optoelectronic devices and wearable 

electronic devices will be introduced. Organic semiconductors with π-conjugated molecular structures can be programmed 

by the introduction of structural asymmetry in optical chirality, and it is possible to prepare thin film structures for chiral 

optoelectronic devices easily by solution processes. As a new strategy, chiroptical semiconductor films can be 

successfully prepared by simple mixing of achiral polymer semiconductor and a versatile chiral small molecule.

In the development of wearable electronic technology, research is underway to realize the electronic fabric (e-textiles) that 

maintain the electrical function of the device with the advantages of the fabric platform. For this purpose, development of 

one-dimensional (1D) electronic devices is required. Here a device architecture for high performance fiber organic transistors 

based on a double-stranded assembly of microfiber electrodes for electronic fiber applications has been proposed. 

This presentation will include a description of how the device is fabricated, how to control the nanostructures of the organic 

semiconductor thin films, and its correlation with optical and electrical properties of the devices.


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