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[공지] 2023학년 1학기 ERICA-ACE 정기세미나 (6회)
작성자 ERICA 소재부품융합 첨단제조장비 혁신인재 교육연구단
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2023학년 1학기 여섯번째 정기세미나를 다음과 같이 개최하오니, 연구단 참여 대학원생 및 교수님들의 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다.

이번 강연에는 기계공학과 김남욱 교수님의 초청으로 한국과학기술연구원 김철기 박사님을 모시고 세미나를 개최합니다.

--------------------------------------------------------- 정기 세미나 ---------------------------------------------------------- 

1. Title: Nanoscale magnetic resonance detection towards nano MRI

2. Speaker김철기 박사(한국과학기술연구원)

3. Date & Time: May. 10 (Wen.) 2023. 13:00 PM 

4. Place: 컨퍼런스홀 104호

5. 발표 내용


Magnetic resonance imaging, with its ability to provide three dimensional, elementally selective imaging without radiation damage, has had a revolutionary impact in many fields including medicine and the neurosciences. Although challenging, its extension to the nanometer scale could provide a powerful tool for nanoscience if it can provide a means for non-destructively visualizing the three dimensional morphology of complex biomolecules. Recently, negatively charge nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond have been proposed as a promising system for nanoscale magnetic field sensing. NV centers are atomic-sized point defects and can be brought to within a few nanometers of magnetic samples, allowing for nanometric spatial resolution. Over the past few years, these properties have led to rapid progress in developing NV-based magnetometers and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Here, we introduce one of recent demonstrations of proton magnetic resonance imaging using a NV spin sensor, its limitations and research directions to overcome. 


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