BK21 교육연구단(팀)

고신뢰성 에너지용 지능형 시스템반도체 교육연구단

해외석학 초청세미나 안내_24.01.05.(금) The University of Queensland, 김동성 교수님
작성자 지능형반도체
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BK 지능형반도체 교육연구단에서 아래와 같이 해외석학 초청세미나를 개최하고자 합니다.

  - 일  시 : 2024. 1. 5.(금) 10시

  - 장  소 : 제3공학관 216호

 - Talk title: Introduction to My research focus areas: Cyber G.A.M.E 

 - Speaker: Associate Professor Dongseong “Dan” Kim, The University of Queensland. 

Talk abstract: 

In this talk, I will introduce four main research topics I have been working on summarized as  

GAME (Graphical security models, AI security, Moving Target Defense, and Evolving attacks & defense automation/evaluation).  

First, recent advances in graphical security models (attack graphs, attack trees, HARMs) and security metrics will be introduced with their applications to Cloud, Internet of Things, etc.  

Second, security attacks to AI (ML/DL) systems and their general defenses will be briefly introduced and my focus areas on AI security (Intrusion Detection System/IDS) will be introduced.  

Third, Moving Target Defense (MTD), which is one of the promising proactive defense techniques, will be introduced with its three dimensions (what, when, how to move), application domain (IoT, autonomous vehicles) and some research issues.  

Finally, Evolving attacks and defences evaluation will be introduced. In this part, I will introduce how graphical security models, measurement, metrics, and AI techniques can be effectively adopted to enable cyber-attack and defense automation and evaluation.